Sweet Lilac Wine


I made wine from the lilac tree
Put my heart in its recipe
It makes me see what I want to see
And be what I want to be**


Of ways to heal a broken heart, I know not many.  Tell me about your intrusive allergy symptoms and I will suggest nettles and local honey.  Come to me with complaints of indigestion, I will do my best to ease your pain with fennel seeds or herbal bitters.  But to remedy a wounded heart, that is something I am less privy to.  The initial impact of losing a lover can be devastating and indescribable.  And as days move onward, those feelings seem to ebb and flow with such frequency, that it can sometimes mimic insanity.

Spring could possibly be the best season to bear your heavy heart.  While you may find yourself turning inward toward your sadness and endless episodes of Grey's Anatomy, everything outside is waking up.  Plants are prime examples of the importance in taking time to recuperate in order to become whole again.  All creatures require a period of rest and it's more than okay to reserve space for yourself in order to grieve.  Take advice from the flowers just outside your door and indulge in their medicine.  Scent alone can be enough to elevate your mood, boost creativity or inspire some confidence.  

In come the lilacs.  The flower that carries through the air like magic and the mellifluous quality of **Nina Simone. A smell so intoxicating, it's bound to cause you to crack a smile and momentarily forget your woes. While not much is clear on its medicinal benefits, it has been said to help relieve fever and promote kidney function. Though I believe lilacs true medicine lies within its scent, aromatherapy can be a powerful tool in aiding the emotional mind and its power should not be dismissed. 

 Know that you are not alone whenever heartache finds you.  I've heard that patience is key during these times and as they say in Sweden, "Tålamodet är det största modet".  Which roughly translated means, "patience is the greatest courage".  And you are full of courage.  You will get through this.


1 bottle Pinot Grigio (don't fret over the cost, the flowers will enhance the taste) 

 5-6 bunches of lilacs  

2 heaping spoonfuls honey  

(( I also added the heart healing stone, Rose Quartz into the infusion for a little extra kick. If stones are not your thing, this is completely optional.))  


Remove the petals from stems and pick off any bugs or debris . Place into a quart sized jar and wine over petals. Stir in the honey. Let sit for 2-4 days, strain out flowers and enjoy with loved ones.

 As we are nearing the end of lilac season, substitute the lilacs with honeysuckle or elderflower if you are unable to find healthy looking blossoms.

Please drink with care.