Potions, potions, potions

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Gingertooth & Twine tincture blends are back! And with two new friends, Bitter Babe and Boss Blend.

What's in stock: 

LONELY HEART - for the aching heart. Eases the journey of grief, heartache and melancholy 

BOSS BLEND - restores the nervous system while creating & establishing boundaries. Perfect for business owners, students or the hardworking\badass employee. 

O'LOVER! - an invigorating aphrodisiac. Designed to ignite the sense and enhance connections. (Formally a syrup, reborn as a tincture blend.) 

BITTER BABE - meant to regulate and soothe digestion. A perfect dinner companion 

STAR SOOTHER - for pesky stress and anxiety. To ease frazzled minds and bodies, while grounding oneself amongst the stars