What's in my Bag: Herbalist Edition with Brittany Ducham

Brittany Ducham

I'm always inspired by Brittany Ducham of Spellbound Herbals. Her approach to herbalism, to me, is radical and rooted in progressive change. Brittany's words are wise and a great resource for discovering plant based gold and resources that are often new to me. Brittany has a fantastic line of unique zines and is currently in the midst of writing her very own book! Check out Brittany's webiste : spellboundherbals.bigcartel.com  and her Instagram @spellboundherbals for some inspiring words and to keep up with her book writing process. 


I grew up engulfed in magazines. I love art, alternative culture and fashion, and even wanted to work as a print designer or art director for a magazine throughout high school (even going so far as to intern at one in my hometown and be design editor for my yearbook, hah!) all of which got channeled into making zines later in life. In November I returned to my family home to write and dug through an old trunk, unearthing stacks of dusty seventeen and nylon mag from 15+ years ago. It was a kind of nostalgia filled lost treasure of my inner girly girl, parts of myself that I’ve often forsaken, but am befriending more and more as of late.

With that said, its no surprise that being asked to empty out my bag and share its contents in the manner of all those adored magazines was so up my alley! Typically I keep my load light, with quite a stash of necessities in my car, which is like a second home, but there are definitely a few essentials that I carry with me in my sigil tote by queer publishing collective, Timeless, Infinite Light.




  1. This rose hydrosol by Ritual Botanica is my go to, though I just got her Queen Anne botanical toner with queen anne’s lace, rose geranium and clary sage (one of my favorites!!) and it’s making the impending humid, 90 degree days feel a little less hostile. 
  2. Summer glow : shimmering body oil by Kings Road Apothecary. Rebecca of King’s Road is my not so secret herbal crush. Everything she creates is. so. special. Her newsletter is one of the few I read, she’s a talented writer and her approach to herbalism and energetics is inspiring. I chatted with her briefly at last year’s Good Medicine Confluence and my heart nearly exploded, I also bought what seemed like half of her products, because fan girl. This body oil is my number one, with her mountain meadow smoking blend being a close second. (** a note from Spencre: while this product is currently unavailable, definitely check out the rest of Rebecca's products and lovely website HERE!**)
  3. Marble + Milkweed’s jasmine and cardamom butter. Body oils, salves, butters; these are some of my favorite, and most used, herbal preparations. Especially since I tend toward a dry constitution and often feel stuck in my head / disconnected from my body, oil preparations help me slow down and get in touch (literally!) with myself. Jasmine is a scent I rely on to stay grounded and centered, so I use this butter not only to moisturize but when I’m overwhelmed or anxious. 
  4. Pagan Otherworld Tarot Deck by Uusi Designs. I was introduced to Uusi because I collect playing cards and they make some of the most artful, fun, seriously beautiful decks ever. When they released their first tarot deck it quickly became one of my most prized possessions. 
  5. Herbal Aid for Surviving Mercury Retrograde zine by Rachel Burgos. With my sun, mercury and venus in Aries, you can bet I needed a lot of compassionate support and restraint this past retrograde. I appreciated having this resource on hand.
  6. The Political Pantry zine by Tiffany Lung. this zine is a recent trade from a babe I briefly knew in Denver. She now lives in New York City and this is her first zine ever and the first in an ongoing series she is doing. Each dives deep into the inequalities of our food system, shedding light on the historical and political context of food. Issue one is about avocados! 

All pictures belong to Brittany Ducham