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If I were to be completely honest, I would have to admit that I have a commitment issue of sorts. I find it difficult being in one place longer than 3 months, my recent pledge to vegetarianism has been blown far to the wayside, my grudges last either 4 days or 4 years, I can't commit to tattoos larger than a dot or a half inch line.. 

These three formulations are the results of my wanting to stay in one place. They are the pledges to my ever growing devotion to herbalism and my wanting to connect with those who I love and appreciate. They have been given as gifts to dear friends and named for lovers and David Bowie; they have been dreamed up through tears, funk and pure bliss. 

I initially created STAR SOOTHER last winter on the night of David Bowie's death. It was a reaction to the incredible grief I was experiencing both from his passing and the deep depression I found myself in that first winter away from California. I gathered my favorite herbs together and tossed in a citrine stone given to me by a fellow scorpion friend and danced around the kitchen putting my heart and soul into the first creation of this blend. I carried it with me through a southern trek of America and found comfort in its restful qualities.

OH LOVER came to me as I departed from two dear friends a few months before the creation of STAR SOOTHER. Inspired by the sweetness of their love, I threw together the most delicious and passionate herbs I had in my pocession. The first brewing of this syrup journeyed with these friends as they braved the salty seas of Cuba and the rough sands of Mexico. Even somehow surviving a theft of luggage and traveling back to Florida, still intact nearly a year later. Some parts of the original syrup have changed but most of it is the same. For this batch I added honey from my beloved farm back in Sweden. Honey that is so sweet and dear to me that I almost found it difficult to part with; but knowing that I could pass it on to you was an inspiration and I felt no regrets adding it to the pot. 

LONELY HEART was a dream of mine for some time. It's a combination of the herbs that bring me such immediate joy, a flower essence I've grown to love and a crystal I've known for years. This is my first time actually bring this particular formula to the physical realm, but I feel as if I've known it for years. When I was in herb school I felt such a strong pull toward roses that I sought out the advice of a teacher and expressed my concerns of a possible addiction to her. She assured me that all was well and if rose was singing to me in such a soulful way, then I should just keep on riding that wave. 

Know that these creations are meant to be a sort of hug from someone who understands. I may not have been exactly where you've been and we may not share similar stories but I am here for you and try my best to understand where you come from. The tinctures, syrups and zines I create are intended to be a friend to carry in your pocket and your belly. It's my gesture of showing love to those I can't speak to and the ones I don't know. 

You are loved. You are so loved. 

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Essential Books for the Burgeoning Plant Nerd

It's hard for me to call a place home if there aren't any books around. I will readily admit that I have an obsession with books. They take up a majority of the space amongst my things and I almost always fall asleep with a book somewhere in my bed. Books have always provided some source of comfort for me. If I'm having an off day, I often find myself headed in the direction of the nearest bookstore or Goodwill to space out and focus on the lives of all those fictional folk whose stories I have yet to meet. Even before I could read, I felt the pull of the written word. I collected, stacked and organized my books. I found books with blank pages and scribbled upon each line as if I were writing the worlds greatest prose. I was a little weirdo about books and I suppose I still am...

When I first moved to California from Maine to attend herb school, I took 4 books on herbalism, a well loved copy of Patti Smith's, Just Kids, a collection of Richard Brautigan novels and Arthur Rimbaud's, Illuminations. As I unpacked my things in my new little redwood cottage, I felt a lack of something; it was the limited presence of books in my new little house that gave me a ragged, haunted feeling. I admittedly panicked and bought as many books I could get my hands on (typically under $5 bucks as I was a student spending my money on plants, jars and rent). 

Here I've compiled some of those books I sought comfort in and drew knowledge from during my time in the redwoods and now. These authors have have been my greatest teachers, critics and friends throughout my herbal journey and I'm excited to share them with you. I feel that know, more than ever, is the time to arm yourself with such allies and learn as much as you can. Learn for yourself, your community, your family, your animal friends and your earth. 

Got a book or zine you want to add? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!



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