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What's In My Bag With Herbalist Corinne Denomme
What's In My Bag With Herbalist Corinne Denomme

There is a real beauty to the art of slow living. Corinne Denomme inhabits that art form through the medicine she makes and the stories she shares on her Instagram. Corinne's photos feel like a walk through the some fairy tale forest. She has a way of capturing her foraging adventures that make you feel like you're right alongside her. 

Luckily, Corinne bottles these adventures and sells them through her shop White Pine Rising . I really adore the medicines in her shop because I know that Corinne harvests wild plants with care and respect for nature. This is vital in a time when foraging has become a trendy thing, that is often not carried out with respect. Corinne is careful not to perpetuate that greed and laziness of over harvesting, which is a truly beautiful thing. 

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Ever since I left my old city of Detroit years ago I've been as close to the woods as possible, picking up where I left off as a kid. Nature has always served as my safe haven since I can remember;  a profound healer in my childhood days as well as today. My heart and spirit medicine. I'm less of an outdoor recreational participant and more of a lone forest wanderer who practices heart language with the wild through intimate interaction to deepen my understanding and connection to Gaia. Over the years I've tailored my gear to support a tree climbing, herb-lovin', wild-harvesting lifestyle. I have different bags for my many rambles, like this adorable 'Plant These To Save The Bees' tote by Hannah Rosengren for simple wood walks or visiting friends. I lean on the practical side when it comes to what items I carry and tend to switch up essentials according to what's needed for the chosen adventure, especially rotating plant medicines.

What's In My Bag With Herbalist Corinne Denomme


1) Wild water. || I'm one of those people who have a strong attachment to their water bottle. I'm always thirsty! This stainless steel bottle holds wild water harvested from one of few remaining decent artesian wells in Michigan. Most of our natural springs have been filled or contaminated by farm run-off leaving too few safe ones for consuming. With the closest drinkable spring over three hours away, this life-giving water is not only a necessity to my health but a sacred honor to harvest.

2) A book! || The newest to join the many I'm currently reading is What The Robin Knows by Jon Young. This one is up in rotation now because I've been studying under Jon Young and the 8 Shields Institute to bring greater Nature awareness in my corner of the world (Southeast Michigan) through the Hawthorn Wilderness Connection, a group founded by myself and three other nature-smart women. Our dream is to mentor multi-generations in deep connection to Nature, self, and others through awakening the senses, inner tracking, community repair and much more. Other books I tend to carry are field guides pertaining to my area.

3) A reused paper bag, pocket knife, and random nature finds || I live a gatherer's lifestyle -- for food, medicine making, or beautiful adornments & projects. I stay ready for nature gifts to find their way home in my bag just about anywhere I go. This often looks like various pine cones or even feathers plucked from a road-killed turkey. For every day outings, I like to carry an extra bag and a pocket knife gifted to me by my partner (also serves as protection). For intentional days of foraging I may switch up my tools to carry a hori hori, scissors, belt-looped satchel, fixed carbon blade by MoraKniv, or sometimes my trusty Gränsfors Bruk hatchet.

4) Snacks! || I've become so accustomed to having Endangered Species 72% dark chocolate in my bag at all times that I become feisty when I run out. It's my favorite quick pick-me-up treat.

5) Homemade digestive bitters, lip balm, and cannabis muscle rub || Have you ever taken a dropper of citrus-y bitters after eating dark chocolate? Oh the mouthgasm you will have! With my attitude toward food (and life in general) being "restraint not restrict" I'm bound to indulge in foods that inflame my gut from time to time. Gotta have a bottle of digestive aid on hand for those Aries impulses. Speaking of necessities, lip balm is an obvious must. Applying it gives a divine aroma from white pine resin that puts me in my happy place. The tin with the cross (or upside-down cross - it's all perspective) is my personal savior that has contents to sooth over all my aches & pains, especially saving me from tension headaches or menstrual cramps.

6) A bandana || A bandana is warmth, coverage, style, a make-shift bandage or carrier, and just plain practical. Especially on forest rambles where the mosquitoes can get pretty thick, a bandana scarf makes the perfect "tail" for swatting biters. Picked up that little trick from early camping adventures with my Pops.


Find Corrine online at and on instagram @whitepinerising

What's In My Bag With Herbalist Corinne Denomme
What's In My Bag With Herbalist Corinne Denomme

All photos belong to Corrine.

What's In my Bag with Herbalist Anja Rothe
What's In My Bag with Herbalist Anja Rothe

You've most likely seen Anja Rothe's work. Whether that be on social media or in a specialty shop, Anja's herbal business, Fat of the Land Apothecary has a strong presence in the herbal community. The photos Anja posts on her social media have a haunting beauty about them that resonates with the energy of New York's Hudson Valley, where Anja lives. Being an east coaster myself, seeing that land through Anja's eyes has a way of making me miss home. Scrolling through her feed, you can't help but take notice of the seasonal changes in that great eastern part of North America. Frosted and delicatly barren in winter, made cozy with warm mugs of tea and rooty herbs. In Spring, it flourishes. Suddenly everything is green and baskets are brimming with wildflowers and earthy mushrooms. 

With a beautiful nod to those changes, Anja is currently offering Seasonal Apothecary Boxes. Each box is shipped out quarterly and is filled with herbal treasures from Fat of the Land Apothecary. For your own little portion of Anja's magic in the Hudson Valley, learn more HERE.

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Anja Rothe
Anja Rothe


My “bag” takes many forms. Sometimes it’s a backpack I can slide on while cycling, sometimes a harvesting basket, and too often just a stack of goods on the passenger’s seat of my car. But the contents are pretty consistent. In addition, there’s always a snack or two to keep my blood sugar stable. I usually opt for some tamari roasted almonds, hard boiled egg, and/or fruit.


ROSE GERANIUM HYDROSOL: I am full stop obsessed with hydrosols and can be found with at least a half dozen in circulation at any time. I made my first batch of Rose Geranium hydrosol last autumn and it’s been a game changer for me since. I picked this one up a couple weeks ago from Laura of Perennial Herb Collective and it’s been keeping my fire tamed during this warm spring. I really love what Laura’s doing to connect the herbal community - definitely check her work out!

LYME DEFENSE by Good Fight Herb Co: Out here in upstate New York we are living in what feels like the hostile tick epicenter of the world. I’ve been working on changing my relationship from paranoia to something that resembles gratitude toward those insidious little buggers, but it’s slow going. This formula gives me a little peace of mind, between the frequent tick-checks, and is made by Lauren, a local herbalist who just opened up a rad shop in Hudson, NY.

MOTHERWORT TINCTURE: My nervine of choice these days. I love the bitter quality and can feel the effects straight to my chest, the place I hold way too much tension and anxiety. I
collected these plants on the perimeter of my land, which adds some extra potency to the

CBD PEN from Select CBD: As someone who formerly leaned a little to hard on pot as anxiety medicine, and which currently has the adverse effect on my body, this is a nice option for me without all the systemic dryness. Not many CBD products I’ve tried have had much of an effect on me, but i’m digging this one for acute situations.

INFUSIONS: I make about a half gallon of overnight infusion every evening before bed, strain in the morning, and sip it throughout the day. It’s the best thing I do for myself. Right now i’ve been heavy on the nettle, strawberry leaf, red clover and oatstraw.

WILD FLOWER GUIDE: This is my favorite wildflower IDing guide out there. It’s so nice to pull it out when i’m on a trail and not rely on phone apps or having to harvest the plant to ID at another time. I used it just this morning to identify a forest floor covered in rue anemone- so pretty!

Photo by Gabrielle Greenberg @ gbrllgrnbrg

Photo by Gabrielle Greenberg @gbrllgrnbrg


Find Anja online at Fat of the Land Apothecary and on instagram @fat_of_the_land