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Essential Books for the Burgeoning Plant Nerd

It's hard for me to call a place home if there aren't any books around. I will readily admit that I have an obsession with books. They take up a majority of the space amongst my things and I almost always fall asleep with a book somewhere in my bed. Books have always provided some source of comfort for me. If I'm having an off day, I often find myself headed in the direction of the nearest bookstore or Goodwill to space out and focus on the lives of all those fictional folk whose stories I have yet to meet. Even before I could read, I felt the pull of the written word. I collected, stacked and organized my books. I found books with blank pages and scribbled upon each line as if I were writing the worlds greatest prose. I was a little weirdo about books and I suppose I still am...

When I first moved to California from Maine to attend herb school, I took 4 books on herbalism, a well loved copy of Patti Smith's, Just Kids, a collection of Richard Brautigan novels and Arthur Rimbaud's, Illuminations. As I unpacked my things in my new little redwood cottage, I felt a lack of something; it was the limited presence of books in my new little house that gave me a ragged, haunted feeling. I admittedly panicked and bought as many books I could get my hands on (typically under $5 bucks as I was a student spending my money on plants, jars and rent). 

Here I've compiled some of those books I sought comfort in and drew knowledge from during my time in the redwoods and now. These authors have have been my greatest teachers, critics and friends throughout my herbal journey and I'm excited to share them with you. I feel that know, more than ever, is the time to arm yourself with such allies and learn as much as you can. Learn for yourself, your community, your family, your animal friends and your earth. 

Got a book or zine you want to add? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!



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