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What's in My Bag with Jeannie Vincent of Beauty Mystic
What's in My Bag with Jeannie Vincent of Beauty Mystic - Nantucket

I met Jeannie Vincent of Beauty Mystic last year at an event at Hauswitch. I was immediately struck by her kind, calming nature and her willingness to connect in an organic sense. Jeannie hooked me up with a workshop at Follain in Boston, which ended up being one of my favorite experiences with teaching to date. 

This summer, Jeannie is on my home island of Nantucket, providing islanders with her wisdom and top notch skin care products. Needless to say, I've been living vicariously through Jeannie's wonderful pictures of Nantucket for the past few weeks and loving each and every one of them. 

Jeannie has incredible taste in skincare products and since I feel like that's something we all need, I had a feeling that she would put together an excellent What's in My Bag segment. And I wasn't wrong. Enjoy!

Spencre xo


What's in My Bag with Jeannie Vincent of Beauty Mystic

- my bag, from Flock Boston (@flock_boston)

- a little “shine bright” pin that I found on the ground right after a makeup appointment. it’s broken but perfectly fine to carry around. 

- rose quartz for peace 

- tree agate for grounding 

- Kosås lipstick in Thrillest (a warm, poppy red)

- Olio e Osso balm no. 3, a sheer crimson that I use religiously on lips and cheeks. only 4 ingredients + color

- a new hand cream I’ve been loving from Lano 

- a personalized mirror that my mom had made for my 30th birthday a few years back

- a custom face mist, made by me, which is a blend of organic rose hydrosol, rosehip seed oil, carrot seed oil, and a couple essential oils (right now, rose and neroli)

- my ultimate desert island product, combat-ready balm from Skincando. It’s an all purpose healing salve that works on literally everything - bug bites, blemishes, cuts, scrapes, eczema, burns. You name it! Plus it has black spruce and smells amazing. 


Jeannie Vincent has been a makeup artist for 15 years. She recently completed her esthetics program and she specializes in clean beauty. Jeannie believes self-love is the key to glow through what you go through. She started her company Beauty Mystic in the fall of 2017 as a way to merge her love for all things beauty and the metaphysical. 

Find Jeannie's shop online and on Instagram @jeanniev . You can also find Jeannie's portfolio at


All photos belong to Jeannie Vincent

What's in My Bag with Asiah Mae, Self Care Advocate and Poet
Asiah Mae

I don't mean to gush, but I really really adore Asiah Mae. She is smart, hilarious and a badass poet. Asiah has a book of poetry called Oxygen, a new YouTube channel and is responsible for inspiring me to start keeping crystals in my bra during the day (close to the heart!!). She is the also co-founder of Ill Vibe Tribe, a cultural hub and artist collective based in Charleston, SC.

Asiah and I are both obsessed with the same plant based line of skincare and she has given me some much needed advice about skin care (something I am JUST learning about). So I wanted to know what else she uses to feel nourished and keep up that Asiah glow.

Spencre xo



It’s always been a goal of mine to do one of these features, and having my first “In My Bag” be on my Scorpio sister Spencre’s site makes my heart sing. My friends will tell you, I’m horrible with bags. I like them big and junky and filled with everything in life. You need a body oil? I got you. Need a snack? I’m sure there’s a bag of candy in here somewhere. Pollen getting to you? I have a tincture for that, and most likely some honey. I’m a bag lady, and I have no shame! Lol Im usually not one for compartments, but these days I’ve fallen in love with this Steve Madden backbag I found for $18 at TJ Maxx. It’s black, fluffy, and I feel like a soft rockstar when I toss it over my shoulder. It’s a perfect every season bag, and what’s in it makes it even more special

  1. I’m a notebook junkie. I always have one on me because my brain is constantly moving and I need to write things down. I got this adorable little yellow one from Target, and the simple “Anything Is Possible” is my reminder that well, it is lol
  2. I work at 3rd Eye Lounge (, @3rdeyelounge on IG), and I get 98% of all of my spiritual tools from there. This is a money oil made by Ms. Keke, the owner operator, and I usually put it on my candles on my altar, or around my tip jar at my other job to conjure up some goodness! It actually aiding in manifesting my job when I was unemployed, and I can’t leave home without it.
  3. Jambalaya by Luisah Teish is a book that changed my life. When I dropped out of college and moved back home, I found my way out of depression by going back to my roots. I spent days out in the garden with my Umi and my Gma, planting and learning about the women in my family and their healing hands. Around that time I found this book. I’ve never felt more connected with a book before, and that’s saying a lot! I carry it with me everywhere, because there’s always something I can learn from it. It’s the best reference for living my life as a natural woman.
  4. I’m obsessed with iridescent things and I also walk to work, so this knife works for both lol I also like to cut herbs and things that I find on my walks, and this always comes in handy!
  5. Olivia Rose Cosmetics sent me the cutest samples of their products, and my fav was the Frankincense and Bamboo Glow Mist. It smells so earthy and soft, I use it almost daily for a quick freshen up on my face or just to smell good and feel zen.
  6. As natural as I am, nothing will ever beat hair store lip gloss! I love the Broadway brand Rosehip or Mint glosses the best because they’re thick without being extra sticky and because they’re so cute!
  7. My grandmother always taught me that every woman needs a signature scent. Mine happens to be Black Coconut from my local incense man. ( It’s musky and light and I feel like the sexiest, most sensual woman alive when I have it on (which is literally everyday lol)
Asiah Mae
Asiah Mae
Asiah Mae


Find Asiah on Instagram @asiahmae , on YouTube and online at Ill Vibe Tribe