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Blackberry gin

Spring in New England is nearing and I'm starting to dream about putting berries and flowers in everything I eat and drink. This is my first spring back in the northeast in a few years after being in California, so I'm still adjusting to this climate and rediscovering the growing patterns of these eastern plants. 

So in honor of my California friends who have already found themselves in the midst of a blooming wonderland, I whipped up this drink yesterday afternoon to sip in the sun while scheming plans for warmer days soon to come. As the afternoon wore on and the baby flower buds no doubt grew tired of hearing about all my plans for our grand springtime adventures, I came inside to record this new recipe and share it with you. 


I doubt that I am the first person to make this drink, but here it is from my own hands to yours. 

Gin - your preference - 

One small bunch mint leaves

Fresh blackberries  

Tonic water  

Orange blossom water  

Place washed berries and 5 large mint leaves (ripped into quarters) in a small bowl - a mortar and pestle will work as well - and crush with a fork. Work the berries and mint leaves into a jam like consistency.  

Pour 1.5 ounces of gin - more or less one shot glass full - in a glass and add tonic water. Include your blackberry and mint mix (I recommend a teaspoon per glass) and a splash of orange blossom water. Give your drink a good stir and top it off with a mint leaf or two.  

To make this drink "virgin", use seltzer water or a strong ginger ale in place of the tonic and gin. 



Blackberries are full of vitamins C & B.  They are also said to promote digestive health and boost your immune system.