Solstice Set

Solstice Set


In collaboration with Chanelle of Moon By Moon Apothecary A set of essences made on the Summer solstice (Midsummer) of 2018.

Each set contains two half ounce bottles: Sweet Pea - a fresh & bright blend that helps us find harmony, reflection, & fluidity. And Faery Ring - a sweet & ebullient blend that invites us to celebrate the mystical in our day to day lives


Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea contains the essences of selenite & sugar snap pea suspended in a tincture of parsley leaf

parsley is an aromatic & refreshing herb most known for its use in the kitchen. it gives a nice dose of vitamin c, supports the kidneys, moves along stagnation, & brings a lightness of being into the whole body. selenite inspires us to meditate, reflect, & tune into our internal landscapes. sugar snap pea fills us with the joy & sweetness of coming into being. thus the two create a harmonious effect, helping to bring us into alignment with how we move through & in the world

*please note: parsley is quite an effective emmenagogue — please avoid this blend if you are pregnant!*

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Faery Ring

contains the essence of herkimer diamond suspended in the tinctures of elder flower & mimosa flower

elder flower is a soothing, calming, & gentle remedy that helps us to build from the inside out. it also helps us to feel supported by our invisible friends: faeries, spirits, guardians, & everyone in between. mimosa is known as the tree of happiness. this relaxing yet uplifting flower allows us to release tension, especially through the act of laughter, & helps us find pause to celebrate in even the most mundane of things. herkimer diamond is like a ray of light, it inspires movement through places we feel stuck or blocked. it is a celebration of our light & how we share it with others: like a prism, dispersing our inner glow out into the world

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