Lonely Heart Tincture

Lonely Heart Tincture


For when the heart aches

Created around the New Moon, this formula was designed for those who have the burden of a heavy heart. Whether it has to do with the follies of love, death or emotional turmoil from past, this was created for those who are seeking to reconnect with themselves. This blend is meant to heal your emotional health and comfort the soul. A mixture of herbal extracts blended with honey and essences of holly flower & rose quartz crystal.

Rose Quartz crystal is the stone for the heart. Carries the wisdom of tenderness and compassion.

Holly deals with the nature of love, releasing anger and easing feelings of envy.

Ingredients: Tulsi, rosepetals, rosehips, hawthorn,  flower essence of holly and gem essence of Rose Quartz, organic Montana honey, brandy.

This product does not claim to treat, prevent or cure any ailments.

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