Self Care for Working Witches

A six week online course

We’ve all been there, overwhelmed and burnt out due to being a human in this world.

Gingertooth & Twine

Week 1: Establishing healthy talk and self care routines around and during working hours and social media.

Week 2: Herbalism - for nerves and concentration

Week 3: Herbalism - for digestive health and restful sleep

Week 4: Food

Week 5: Money. Anxiety surrounding money, and the discussion surrounding it. How do we change this conversation, and what steps can you personally take to feel better about money.

Week 6: Feelings. Imposter syndrome, jealousy and burn out.


What you get

  • 6 weeks of content, worksheets and recordings

  • Lifelong access to all PDF’s and recordings!

  • 1 copy of the Self Care for Working Witches zine

  • 1 Plants Are Powerful canvass tote bag
    Tools for coping with anxiety and

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Who this class is for:

Who this class is not for:

This class is not for you if:

  • You do not have interest in herbal medicine

  • You do not have an interest in cooking or at the very least, an open mind to learning very simple yet unique recipes.

  • You do not want to make a shift in your life to change routines, behaviors and/or thought patterns

  • You have no patience for witchy talk i.e. plant magic, self affirming spells and herbalism

$200 for 6 weeks and unlimited access to videos, exclusive content and workbooks.
Plus, you will also receive the physical zine version of Self Care for Working Witches and a Plants Are Powerful tote bag!